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ICTD CRAs interview

How the way of working in Clinical Trials has changed due of Covid?

We invited our two CRAs Alba Hernandis from Spain and Agnieszka Frankowska from Poland to discuss on how Covid impacted their daily work.

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1st Anniversary Experior powered by Clinscience


We’re Anniversary! Year ago the Neuca Plc Group, a leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Distribution, made us participate in its great adventure to consolidate the CRO offer in Europe and the United States together with the Neuca Plc Group. as Clinscience brand  A year of growth, great challenges, and great signings. First year dedicated […]

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Timeline Brexit pharmacovigilance

BREXIT affects to pharmacovigilance in Clinical Trials (CTTs)

Since June 2016, the United Kingdom has been engaged in an arduous process that has not yet been completed. A process that we all know as Brexit. Over the last few months, we have talked about the possible regulatory and operational consequences on this blog. And today, we present the first part of these changes.

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muestras biológicas

How to manage human biological samples

The use of biological samples is one of the most common procedures in scientific research. Due to its nature, it is a procedure that requires special attention and it is regulated in a specific way. This is why, before starting any research, it is important to know the regulatory system and the guidelines to be followed for biological […]

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protocolo de investigación

How to write a research protocol

The starting point of every clinical study is the research protocol. This document reflects the essential aspects of the research and establishes the guidelines to be followed during it. Due to the fact that this is a very important point, in this article we want to delve more deeply into what a research protocol is, what it is used for and what information it should contain. 

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Case Report Form

Case Report Form: All you should know

Case report forms are an essential part during clinical research development. All clinical data obtained from the study are collected and managed in a case report form. to be then analyzed and to draw conclusions. In this article we are going to delve into the importance of this tool and explain all a professional should […]

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Experior continues evolving!

We completed the integration process in the NEUCA Capital Group.
From this moment…

Experior CRO becomes Clinscience
• Experior SMO becomes

We grow and consolidate without losing our essence.
We put at your service a new agile structure, a global coverage, an organizational
network and a parent company that gives us stability and strength to meet the
needs of commercial and non-commercial studies.

Welcome to a new era!

Because "the best way to predict the future is to build it," and that is where we are.