1st Anniversary Experior powered by Clinscience


We’re Anniversary!

Year ago the Neuca Plc Group, a leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Distribution, made us participate in its great adventure to consolidate the CRO offer in Europe and the United States together with the Neuca Plc Group. as Clinscience brand

 A year of growth, great challenges, and great signings.

First year dedicated to growing and developing this great Project, hand in hand with an agile and dynamic Team, full of Professionals with whom to share Vision, Mission, and Passion. 

That year has made us evolve to become the SMART CRO  that we are now; Clinscience.

A CRO with hubs in the main European countries and in the United States and made up of great professionals who listen and get involved, turning the objectives of their clients into their own challenges.

A year of Experior powered by Clinscience: A stronger structure,  a long history, and a promising future. 

 Being part of an international and multidisciplinary Team like this was one of my professional dreams. I’m proud to have the opportunity to participate in building this great smart CRO”.

Jaime Ballester

“I am very happy that the Hub in Spain and its talented team are part of our smart International Team. Their commitment, experience, and motivation in an agile Clinical Trial environment, are the foundation on which together we can build our future as a smart CRO”. 

Tomek Dabrowski

Get in touch with your smart Team & learn more about HOW WE CAN HELP YOU, with our smart Solutions.

Experior continues evolving!

We completed the integration process in the NEUCA Capital Group.
From this moment…

Experior CRO becomes Clinscience
• Experior SMO becomes

We grow and consolidate without losing our essence.
We put at your service a new agile structure, a global coverage, an organizational
network and a parent company that gives us stability and strength to meet the
needs of commercial and non-commercial studies.

Welcome to a new era!

Because "the best way to predict the future is to build it," and that is where we are.