Staff Solutions

A part of the solutions that EXPERIOR offers within the clinical research field is meeting the needs of our client’s staff by forming their work team based on the needs of their projects.

The contacts and relationships of EXPERIOR within the professional and academic world of clinical research, as well as its team and advanced methodologies of selection, make of us the appropriate partner to meet your staff-related needs

In EXPERIOR we know that people make the difference in companies, and therefore the selection processes are a key element to offer our clients those candidates that cover all required aspects of experience, training and skills, following a thorough study of the needs, juncture and culture of each case

Profiles we work with:

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA)
  • Study Coordinator (SC)
  • Clinical Project Manager (CPM)
  • Medical Scientific Liaison (MSL)
  • Pharmacovigilance Technician (PhV)
  • Biostatistician (BS)
  • Data Management Technician (DM)

Our methodology:

Our staff selection methodology consists of a strategy focused on maximizing the efficiency of the process. It consists of three differentiated phases that have a single objective: To attract the best professionals and different profiles within the area of clinical research.

  1. Pre-selection:

    We start the project with a previous meeting with the sponsor. There we aim to collect all the key information of the profile and its direct environment. Our human resources team analyzes the organization, its culture and values to identify suitable candidates. We analyze the job based on competences and we provide our extensive knowledge in the field to agree on a clear definition of the profile and thus initiate the process.

    We exploit different sources of active recruitment; our extensive database comes from the contacts and relationships within the professional and academic world of clinical research that we have nurtured since Experior inception.

  2. Evaluation:

    Upon identification of  the candidacies that best fit in the position to be filled, we move on to the evaluation phase. Through rigorous and standardized structured interviews , we try to learn more about  the knowledge, skills and attitude of the candidate. We provide extensive knowledge in the most current evaluation techniques that help us to identify the best talent in each case.

    We contrast references of the finalist candidates, we obtain reliable, objective and contrasted information from different sources. We respect confidentiality above all throughout the selection process.

  3. Final decision:

    We perform a careful study to make a final decision intending that the selected candidates have a wide capacity for rapid learning and  adapt to the policies, procedures and tasks of the position to be filled as appropriated.

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