Startup Unit

The start-up of a clinical trial is one of the most complex and regulated parts. Usually, during this initial period a high number of interested parts are involved, such as: Regulatory agencies, ethics committees, suppliers and sponsors.

This is why it is very important to have all the optimized resources and processes at our disposal, as well as an effective planning to be able to adhere strictly to the client’s deadlines.

In Experior, we offer personalized Start-up services to meet your needs and our flexibility allows us to provide them in any region of the world according to the established specifications. Our qualified staff with extensive experience in the submission of documentation to committees and agencies in Europe and our vast knowledge of the particularities of each site allow us to facilitate the start-up process smoothly and efficiently.

Start-up unit expressed in figures


Contracts signed

Days for of clinical trial authorizations

Different countries


  • We adjust our tasks according to the project planning and establish objectives and deadlines to have the site initiated within the deadline set by the client.
  • The first step is to request the client to provide all the documentation required for the assessment with enough time in order to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • We inform the client of the submission status and development for each site.
  • We advise the client of potential sites, thanks to our previous experience with them.
  • We give real-time feedback to our clients about the different submission  and project statuses.
  • We establish internal deadlines in the different procedures to ensure  compliance.
  • We have the ability and experience to work and manage a large number of trials at the same time.
  • We offer a real-time report on the project status.

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