Translation department

Clinical research, especially pharmaceutical and medical devices research, requires the translation of a large volume of documents. The high specialization of the specific areas and their terminology may suppose an added difficulty for this type of  translations.

Having known these difficulties, we decided to create  in Experior an department exclusively focused on biomedical translation in 2004, which has allowed us to specialize in translation and revision of any document generated from a clinical trial, both the initial document and its possible subsequent amendments.

To this end, we have a large professional team that allow us to translate any document into any language within very tight deadlines and considering its urgency.

Our commitment with quality, confidentiality, care and timely delivery endorses our long path.

Translation department expressed in figures

Since 2004 we have translated:

Protocols and related documents

Patient information and informed consent forms and subsequent amendments

Documents related to conferences and scientific publications

Different types of documents

Pairs of languages


  • We study the request, prepare a budget that has to be validated before the start of the translation and agree on the due date with the client.
  • We adjust our translation and revision tasks to the project planning, establishing internal deadlines that allow us to deliver the translation timely.
  • We manage the process with extreme care and attention in order to offer a high-quality service.
  • We go out of our way to fulfill the client’s requirements.
  • We prioritize the work according to the urgency of each project.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of the information.
  • We deliver the work with utmost timeliness.

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Experior continues evolving!

We completed the integration process in the NEUCA Capital Group.
From this moment…

Experior CRO becomes Clinscience
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We grow and consolidate without losing our essence.
We put at your service a new agile structure, a global coverage, an organizational
network and a parent company that gives us stability and strength to meet the
needs of commercial and non-commercial studies.

Welcome to a new era!

Because "the best way to predict the future is to build it," and that is where we are.